Why Bayraktar?

Bayraktar changed the common dormitory concept, is designed especially for students, is not a temporary accommodation place but a motivational platform and fully equipped social life center designed for education.

Bayraktar offers a homely life with the comfort of a five star hotel.

Bayraktar doesn’t only offer accommodation platforms for every unit so students can concentrate on their studies but also free areas outside education for fun, culture, art, sports and health which support socialization and thanks to personal services and a luxurious living space, make the lives of students easier that live far away from their parents.

Bayraktar, owns a new structure from head to toe, which has been especially designed after research amongst students, for a new generation of students in which the psychology of the students, age and common lifestyle habits, personal requests and dreams have been considered.

Bayraktar offers different accommodation options with its VIP, Suites and Rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4 persons.

Bayraktar owns with a café, reception, cleaning service, electronic card access systems for the rooms and turnike , WiFi on the in the rooms, satellite TV, security camera systems in common areas, fire and theft alarm, central heating system, an excellent service infrastructure.

Bayraktar also offers the opportunity to parents to visit our student guests from time to time in their new environment, in an area especially for guests.

Bayraktar brings together everything a student might need and couldn’t find in a home environment under one roof: starting from a study hall to a computer room, a café to, a fitness, Barbecue Garden, a Hobby Kitchen, an infirmary to an ironing room and everything that is part of a students life is combined in one system.

Bayraktar considered the students psychology, interests and everything that might be missing in a student residence such as laundry and ironing service, healthy nutrition, regular cleaning and offers these ready to the students and also provides support for personal needs. With the application of a personalized approach of freedom, it can follow and guide the student, depending on its life within certain limits.

Bayraktar doesn’t request additional charges for its service except for the restaurant, undertakes the billing and other routine paperwork and payments for students, which can be seen as their biggest burden, and gives students the opportunity, which they wouldn’t have at home, of a life without invoices. Thus students can easily carry out their own financial management.

Bayraktar isn’t affiliated with any political, sectarian or religious stream, was only established with the purpose to serve a college student’s academic progress and is an impartial and professional organization.

Why Bayraktar?


Bayraktar Student Dormitory; The mission is to raise a moral virtuous university generation. Our goal is to meet your living space needs in your student life in line with our constantly renewed quality policy, taking into account the needs and expectations of our students. With our experienced staff, we are with you 24/7, keeping your comfort at the forefront.


It is not a temporary accommodation point that has changed the usual dormitory concept, specially designed for students only; To be a motivational platform and social life center designed for education.

A fun, reliable, social, family-friendly new generation dormitory that follows the agenda

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